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Donate your unwanted firearms!

Donating with GunsForGood.net is easy and hassle free.
100% of net proceeds goes to charity!

You’ve heard those “Donate your Car to charity” ads on TV and radio? Well, this is just like that, but with your unwanted firearms, and the net proceeds go to the great cause of Search and Rescue & First responder readiness. Plus, you get a great tax deduction and a real cool story to tell your friends because this type of service is the only one out there!

So why would you want to use GunsForGood.net instead of just selling it yourself?

  • No hassle of selling it...Including people coming to your house!
  • No haggling 
  • No constant inquiring for the check to clear before sending the firearm.
  • Tax Deductible. email and paper receipt.
  • We are not a for-profit fundraising firm.                                                                    No matter what kind of gun, we'll find it a great home!

And it is Really Easy Simple

Contact us:

Ship us the firearm:

  • We'll fax or email you a copy of our firearms dealer license. 
  • Enclose a copy of the license in the package and tell the carrier that it contains a firearm. 

We'll sell the firearm and send you a receipt for the Tax Guy:

  • When we receive the firearm we will post it on www.LeadSportsUSA.com and other gun selling websites.
  • When it sells we will send a charity tax deductible receipt for the price of the firearm.

Consult your tax preparer or tax-attorney if you have questions on deductibility.

All net proceeds from new or used firearm sales are donated directly to the Los Gatos Police Disaster Aid Response Team (DART), an IRS registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Sofinocon Enterprises is the Federal Firearms Lincese holder and manages http://www.leadsportsusa.com/ and GunsForGood.net which is not a "for-profit middle-man" so more of the proceeds from your firearm donation will go directly to our Search & Rescue Activities and community-oriented safety activities, and not to overhead or outsourcing.

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